Temperature control system
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TWTCM series wireless indoor thermostat (hereinafter referred to as the "thermostat") is a special actuator for intelligent control valve development, programmable time to control indoor temperature. The end user can set up the temperature at different time period according to the rest time and life rule. It uses wireless transmission technology to transmit data to the receiving terminal (Intelligent Control Valve) and receive the signal and implement the command. At the same time, it feedbacks the result to Intelligent Control Valve to realize bi-directional transmission with high reliability.

Product Feature

    Huge LCD displays time, temperature, heat meter data and intelligent control valve status etc.
    Can display the remaining heat, remind end users timely renewals.
    Can communicate with intelligent control by wired and wireless mode.
    Auto and manual temperature control modes can be chosen by end user.  
    Time and temperature parameters can be setup
    Send the command to intelligent control valve and control value open/close (valve opening degree), in order to achieve the purpose of maintaining the indoor constant temperature.
Technical Parameter
Power Supply 2 pcs No.5 batteries
Transmission Distance open 200 meters
Dimension(mm) 132×105×42
LCD Display(mm) 66×49
Working Mode manual/auto
Temperature Range adjustable (6~35)℃
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